About Mixfame.com

About Mixfame.com:

Mixfame.com is a Online Casting platform, that connects talented individuals with casting professionals and jobs within the entertainment industry.  A very niche-oriented, but globally rising industry. 

We are a 17 person team, with strong industry background, operating out of our main office in Dubai, UAE, as well as offices in Cape Town, South Africa, and Saudi Arabia - providing facilitation, audition and casting director services, payroll services, coordination and planning for events, production and movie crews. 

With a technology-first approach, we solve problems and provide tools to casting professionals, bookers, coordinators, producers, and directors wanting to find temporary staffing, actors, models, or anything in between - in a one-place-for-all approach that saves not only time but money on the budget!

We strive to empower you, enabling you and your production team to solve your projects from logistics to payroll, in a professional and transparent way, ultimately developing the industry as a whole in the region. 

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