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Calling Men and Women For A Famous Social Media App Commercial - Shooting in Dubai - APPLY TODAY!

We're looking for people who can speak different Arabic dialects!

  • Arabic speaking Men - Saudi Dialect

    Male, 20-35 Years
  • Arabic speaking Women - Saudi Dialect

    Female, 20-35 Years
  • Arabic speaking Men & Women - UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Morocco, and Lebanon Dialect

    Both, 20-35 Years

GREAT OPPORTUNITY For Asian & Middle Eastern Women - Be The MAIN CAST For A World Famous Airline Brand's Latest Commercial!

Apply Today!

  • ROLE 4 - Middle Eastern Women

    Both, 20-30 Years
  • ROLE 3 - Indian Men

    Male, 20-30 Years
  • Asian - ROLE 1 - DAUGHTER

    Female, 20-30 Years
  • Asian & Middle Eastern Women - ROLE 2 - MOTHER

    Female, 45-80 Years

Men and Women Wanted For In-store Promotions!

All nationalities welcome! No Experience Needed!

  • In-store Promoters

    Both, 21-35 Years

Do You Want To Be A YouTuber? Now Is Your Chance! Fresh Faced Women Between 18-25 Required for Ongoing Campaign

All Nationalities Needed!

  • YouTuber

    Female, 18-25 Years

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