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How to become a dancer – Tips and Tricks

How to become a dancer – Tips and Tricks

So finally, the Dancer Guide 101 is on Mixfame. I know that we have not been fair with all our talents the last few weeks but here we are writing today about what you need to become a dancer. The following Dancer Guide 101 will give you clear information on how to become a dancer, what requirements, and where to begin. We summarised it with 10 easy steps, so start checking them off your list:

  1. Make sure you STILL want to be a dancer after you read this.
    Understanding the amount of work, stress, training, and joy is the very first step. If you want to become a professional, you may have to cut out other sports and evening activities to put in the necessary hours of practice. Remember that dance in itself is a sport and it takes a lot of endurance to dance every day. Once you are sure of your dancing passion and talent, you have practically signed up in an everlasting hardcore gym.
  2. Decide what kind of dancing you would enjoy doing.
    Whether it be ballet, disco, tap, jazz, swing, hip hop, break-dance, or bellydancing. Anything you want! Just be sure to choose one that suits your style. Take into consideration your region. What is needed in Dubai might not be so hip in Las Vegas. Eventually, you want to find dancing jobs in your area. Your location is part of your decision too.
  3. Seek Guidance.
    Watch music videos and watch people’s moves, buy dancing lessons on a video, read dancing instructions in books and on the internet, find a tutor, get tips from friends/professionals, etc. Dancing is hard, but with hard, dedicated work, you will excel. Stand in front of a full-length mirror, turn up the tunes, and move your body! Practice different moves on different parts of the body.
  4. Find the right school for you. Dance schools can range from a local centre to a more intense professional school. Talk to other dancers in your area as well as the Mixfame team; they will guide you into the best schools in your area. They have all the data.
  5. Sign up for as many dance classes as possible. “The more the merrier” is very true here. Remember that it is important to have a base in ballet as well as to branch out into other classes. You do not have to take every class offered, and you can always sign up for more classes. Talk to your dance teacher and ask her to recommend classes and to evaluate your level. The more you practice, the better you will get. However, if you plan to become a professional dancer, it is necessary to take lessons from a reputable school.
  6. Trust your instructor. Try to be respectful and pay attention to what they’re explaining and what they ask you to do. They know their piece and the strategy in teaching that piece the best, so take the direction they lead.
  7. Be healthy both mentally and physically. Dancing is a very demanding sport. It is essential to eat a healthy, balanced diet and keep hydrated. You push your body every time you dance so at least give it the gas it needs.
  8. Select your wardrobe. Dance clothing will be determined by the type of dancer you choose to become. Special dance shoes will be required for most dance styles, including ballet slippers for ballet and tap shoes for tap. Your dance teacher will probably have a preference for clothing.
  9. Stretch. It is very important in the world of dance, the more you stretch, the more you will improve your flexibility. You will stretch every day in class, but you may want to add stretching when you wake up or before you go to sleep to improve flexibility, but make sure you are warm enough so you don’t hurt yourself.
  10. Keep practising. Once you’ve learnt a few techniques, practise them at home on your own. Watch other dancers on television, instructional DVDs. When you have free time, practise – just anywhere around your home. It is fine to invest a little for your career as to have a practice dancing room with mirrors in it. It will pay off soon. The more you practise, the more you develop your craft.

As we all agreed above dancing is not the easiest job. It is one of the toughest workouts. It is physically exhausting, mentally fulfilling so be proud of your work and always expect challenges, and don’t give up !!!!!

Are there any more guidelines you feel are important for a dancer to follow or to take note of? Share with the community by commenting below!