Casting Calls and Auditions in United Arab Emirates

Live Streaming App Requires Arabic Speaking Men And Women For Web Series - NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!

Looking for main and featured cast

  • Main Character

    Both, 18-40 Years
  • Featured Cast

    Both, 13-40 Years

Breaking news!!! Well known immigration company is about to shoot for a new corporate ad!!! Looking for Caucasian female talents!

Apply now!!!

  • Caucasian looking female talents

    Female, 25-45 Years

Students from a known school is looking for talents to join their short comedy film. All Nationalities are invited to join!!!

Join now and have a fun experience with us.

  • Mediterranean looking male talent

    Male, 25-32 Years
  • Arabic- speaking Egyptian female lead role

    Female, 40-55 Years
  • Featured extra- a Lebanese male character

    Male, 25-35 Years
  • English and Turkish speaking female character

    Female, 20-30 Years
  • Featured Indian Extra

    Male, 30-45 Years

Inviting all influencers!!! Did you know the region's biggest brand is looking for social media superstars? Hit apply now!

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  • All Influencers

    Both, 20-37 Years

Butter read it or it might pasteurize!!! Dairy product company is looking to hire 3 female hostess for a 5 day event.

All nationalities welcome to apply

  • Female hostess

    Female, 21-40 Years

Have a chance to get an International spotlight and join a student film! Looking to cast Middle Eastern and Indian talents.

Apply to get a chance in a professional short film

  • Main Lead - Arabic Speaking Child (8 - 11 Years Old)

    Male, 8-11 Years
  • Main Lead - Indian Child (8 -11 Years Old)

    Male, 8-11 Years
  • Featured Extra - Indian Man (30 - 40 Years Old)

    Male, 30-40 Years
  • Featured Extra - Arabic Speaking Man (40 - 50 Years Old)

    Male, 40-50 Years
  • Featured Extra - Arabic Speaking Children (10 - 13 Years Old)

    Male, 10-13 Years

Water you doing staring at this post? Biggest food and beverage company in the world is shooting a new project! Looking to cast Asian looking talents.

Apply now!!!!

  • Featured adult talents

    Both, 19-80 Years
  • Main Asian male looking talents

    Male, 30-40 Years
  • Main Asian female looking talents

    Female, 25-40 Years
  • Featured kid talents

    Both, 5-18 Years
  • Main Asian kid (boy) looking talents

    Male, 6-10 Years

Quench your thirst in this new refreshing commercial shoot! World's largest food and beverage company is looking for you!

Apply Today and have your break!!!

  • Featured cast Mediterranean looking kids talents

    Both, 5-18 Years
  • Featured cast Mediterranean looking adult talents

    Both, 20-80 Years
  • Main cast Mediterranean looking men talents

    Male, 30-45 Years
  • Main cast Mediterranean looking women talents

    Female, 25-35 Years
  • Main cast Mediterranean looking kid (boy) talents

    Male, 6-11 Years

Student short film requires Caucasian Male leading roles

Men between the age of 18 - 27 years can apply!

  • Student short film requires Caucasian Male leading roles

    Male, 20-56 Years
  • Male - supporting role

    Male, 20-35 Years
  • Female-supporting character.

    Female, 19-30 Years
  • Male-Supporting actor- English speaker

    Male, 18-27 Years
  • Male-Lead- English speaking

    Male, 18-27 Years

Join Mental Samurai in Madrid and get a chance to win BIG prizes!!! Inviting Emirati talents with fantabulous personality!!!

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  • Middle Eastern talents

    Both, 18-40 Years