Get 1 year free Premium Membership by scouting talents for Casting Calls

Give your friends or family a free 3-day Premium Membership that allows them to apply for all casting calls on Mixfame and earn credits you can redeem towards free Premium Membership for yourself.  5 invites who complete a profile earns you a full week of membership, 10 invites earns you 1 month, 20 invites earns you 3 months and 50 invites earns you a full year of free membership. 


Here's how it works

There are 3 ways to earn free membership by inviting friends; Inviting them 1 by 1 via email, Sharing your referral link or Sharing Casting Calls. 

Whenever a friend signs up through your invite/link, your friend will start off with 3 days FREE Premium Membership that allows them to get in on all the current active casting calls.  If they don't use your link, they will miss out on the free membership as well.

Start Referring

1) Invite your friends via email

This is great if you have email addresses of your friends, you want to invite - and will send a personal invitation to your friend with a link to register with Mixfame. You can even track the progress of these invites and see how many has accepted or signed up. 

Navigate to and start by entering email addresses of the friends you would like to invite, and click "Send Invites".  
Your friends will receive an email, with your name and headshot, and a link to sign up and receive free 3-day premium membership from you.  



2) Sharing your referral link

When you log in to your Mixfame profile, you will find your personal referral link under the "Invite Friends" or "Earn free membership" links in the menu. You can also navigate to

Don't forget to let people know, that signing up through your link will reward them a free 3-day premium pass, that allows them to apply for all active casting calls in your country. 

You can share the link on Facebook, in your Instagram bio, via Email, on Forums or perhaps on your own blog or youtube channel to quickly see referrals coming through. 

Your link will look like this:

3) Sharing Casting Calls via the Social Icons

We've made it SUPER easy to land referrals through your links, by automatically using your referral link when you share casting calls from 


Make sure you are logged into your profile on Mixfame and simply use the Social Sharing links on a specific Casting Call - we will then automatically tag your profile on the link, so if friends sign up through your Facebook Share, they will show up as credits to you on your referral page.


ez share


This works especially well, if you share Casting Calls that friends can actually apply for, so take a look at the available roles and see if that might be interesting for your friends. 

Start Referring

Track your invites and stats

We've made it super easy to see and track your invites, on the Referral page

You can always see who has signed up and registered through your links and who needs a little push to finish up so you can get rewarded. 

Referral stats

Frequently asked questions

How do I redeem the membership after referring friends? 

On your referral page, simply click the "Claim" button once you have reached the first milestone and your membership will be activated instantly. 

I'm already a Premium Member, can I earn free membership?

Yes! Your membership (and billing) will be extended with the membership period if you redeem it while on an active membership. 

How do I get a lot of referrals? 

We've seen that sharing Casting Calls through the social buttons on the casting call, is actually the fastest way since it's an open opportunity for people to take action immediately.

If I claim 1 week, will the counter restart?  

Yes, if you would like to go for the full year, you shouldn't claim the membership until you've reached 50 referrals. 

We hope you enjoy this opportunity to earn free Premium Membership and break a leg with future auditions!