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Premium Feature: Unlimited Applications

Premium Feature: Unlimited Applications

As a Premium Member, you can apply for any and all roles, on Mixfame that matches your location, age, and gender. 

It's no secret that almost all users on Mixfame would love to get booked for each and every casting call you apply for - but often the casting professional will need 1, or perhaps 2 talents for a given role - with 100s of applicants for each role - it becomes apparent that you need a great profile and a little luck on each application to lock in a booking. 

Go for the numbers; 

Some users go for the numbers and count their luck as the winning factor. Applying for each and every casting call on your "matching" list can be a good approach if you don't care much about which roles you land, but often remuneration and dates may cause you to pay closer attention. 

Ensuring you are available on the mentioned dates and that you don't apply for other casting calls shooting same dates, can be a necessary approach. 

This tactic can be especially useful if you don't mind extra roles or passion projects - but just want to get more experience under the belt. 

Go for the perfect match 

Other users have great success with applying for 1 or 2 roles every month, waiting for that perfect match that speaks straight into your character or personality and requirements when it comes to details such as remuneration or work timings. 

Which ever tactic you go for,  you have the freedom as a Premium Member. 

Note: As a premium member your application will also appear above all free users, to make sure you are noticed and considered by the casting professional.