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How do I delete/deactivate my account

How do I delete/deactivate my account

You have decided you would like to remove yourself from the talent database, so here are two ways to achieve that result.

Both options can be found here: 

1) Click your avatar in the top right corner to open the main menu. 

2) Click "My Account" from the main menu 

3) Click the tab "Settings" 

You now have two options presented. 

"Unpublish my profile" 

  • Your profile will be hidden from the talent database. 
  • You will still receive casting call notifications and be able to apply to roles

"Delete my account" 

  • Your entire account will be deleted, including all information, media and history.

Note: Deleting your account is permanent and we will not be able to restore the information later for you or restore any lost media, messages, etc.