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How do I add a headshot?

How do I add a headshot?

Adding a great headshot is the first step to success in the auditions and casting world. It will greatly impact the number of requests and short listings you receive, which headshot you pick, so be careful and take your time to make it perfect. 

1)  Click the avatar icon in the upper right corner to open the main menu
2)  Click "My Profile" to open your profile page.
3)  Click the blue-button below your headshot placeholder (Add Profile Picture)

4) Click the blue "+" icon to browse your files and select the headshot you wish to use.

5) Position and adjust your headshot until you are happy, and click "Save" to finalize. 

Headshot tips:

Now that you have added a headshot, be sure to read our guide on why headshots can make or break your chances here