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How Christina ended up as lead in a HSBC Campaign in Sri Lanka

How Christina ended up as lead in a HSBC Campaign in Sri Lanka

Christina, 25, from the United Kingdom, works in online branding full time and is an aspiring actress in her spare time. 

We asked Christina about her experience with Mixfame; “I loved how I could see all of the jobs posted, and have the control to apply for what I thought would suit me” she said. So when she saw a job looking for a natural looking female able to ride a bike, she thought “why not?”, tried her luck and applied. 2 weeks later she got a call saying she was selected for the leading role of HSBC’s newest campaign and she was going to travel all the way to the beautiful Sri Lanka for the shoot! 

Christina, a lover of creativity and travel, was overwhelmed with happiness and shock, she said she wasn’t expecting to be selected. After speaking with the director thoroughly about his ideas for the production, she was determined to make his visions a reality. Which was exactly what she did, after spending three long days with the whole production crew she said: “We became like a little family, it was so sad to finish shooting and say goodbye to everyone”. 


With a tight schedule, Christina found herself working day and night without any sleep, describing it as “Amazing! When you’re doing something you have always dreamed of, you don’t even think about sleeping”. Christina was too busy to sleep when she wasn’t shooting; she was taking in all of the new cultures and learning as much about the industry as possible. 

When Christina saw the finished product for the first time she said “I nearly cried, when we were filming I couldn’t imagine how it was going to look. Seeing it for the first time exceeded all of my expectations.” The video campaign itself is a short but inspiring 1 minute 30 seconds, showing the life of a young female travelling the world, just her and her bicycle. Christina said, “It was something my friends and I can relate to, wanting to drop everything and just go travelling.” 


Christina explained that having the chance to incorporate real life scenarios within the shoot made it much more purposeful. For example the video shows a sweet moment with a young girl being helped by Christina to play on her bike. She says “that moment wasn’t planned, she just wanted to play. It added to the purity of the whole experience.

Since the shoot Christina says that it has “changed my life”, having the opportunity to travel and be a part of something brief but meaningful has given her a more grounded and carefree perspective of life. Her confidence has also flourished, “I didn’t dream this could ever happen to me, that I would have the chance to do two things I love all at the same time, travelling and acting” she added.  Christina explains how since the shoot she knows “anything is possible and you can accomplish your dreams so long as you keep trying.” 

When asked what advice she would give to other talent hoping to follow in her footsteps she said, “Don’t give up or take it personally if you are not selected for a role. There is always one out there for everyone you just have to have the patience and perseverance to grab it when it comes”. 


Watch Christina's Mixfame Profile here and give her a big high-five if you see her for a magnificent job done! 

Christina has sent us the behind the scenes photos, copyright and all credits belongs to her. 

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