Want to participate in Middle East's most famous TV show? The fashion reality program pays you AED 1000, and a free outfit!

Keep the outfit worth of AED 1,500 and also get paid to be on the show - Apply today!

Who wants to be on a fashion reality show? MBC needs Arabic speaking women to be participants who will be paid AED 1,000 for you and your companion, receive a full fashion makeover - hair, wardrobe and face and also gets to keep an outfit worth of AED 1,500.

Shoot dates will be confirmed with the selected participants.

Looking for women between the age of 16 - 35 years.


  • You must be an Arabic speaker
  • You must also bring a companion with you to the show - family or friend. (Above 16 years of age and speaks Arabic)
  • Each of you will be paid AED 500 (AED 1,000 total)
  • Listing date
  • 6¬†months Expired
  • United Arab Emirates Apply from location

Participant - Arabic Speaking

Participant - Arabic Speaking

Requirements: Ethnicity is Other, Middle Eastern, Latino, Coloured, Caucasian.

  • Female (from 16 to 35 years)
  • United Arab Emirates living in location
  • AED 1000 per day