Short film requires passionate experienced female actress

english-speaking and passionate about acting

We are looking for an experienced lead actress for our independent short film here in Dubai. The film is about a private investigator who is looking into the harassment of an employee at a multinational corporation by her bosses, and their joint attempts to bring the boss to justice. The role we are currently searching for is the female lead role of the harassed employee, and so requires a subtle and deft mix of dramatic and comedic acting. 

The role requires a woman in her late-20s to early-30s who is caucasian, with an expert grasp of the English language, as the character is Western-based, and who can display the required blend of anger and sadness that the role requires, and who is passionate about the pursuit of acting as an artform.

The role is required for one day, and the short film is independently-financed and will be submitted to festivals and shown internationally, and so if you are looking to pursue acting and to make your way to the big screen, this is a great opportunity.

  • Listing date
  • 4¬†months Expired
  • United Arab Emirates Apply from location

Lead Actor - Female English Speaker

The character is an independent young Western woman who came to the Middle East to pursue a career path that has taken her far and wide around the world. She is fiercely strong and is passionate about her beliefs and quick to stand up for herself against what she feels is undeserved treatment. She goes through a lot of struggle and pain throughout the film and yet deals with it with as much dignity and strength as she can, but masks a deep sadness and anger at the injustice that has been to her.

Requirements: Ethnicity is Caucasian.

  • Female (from 21 to 50 years)
  • United Arab Emirates living in location