Casting Call for Student Short film "Wax Cemetery" requires three female leads (18-28) and one male lead (20-28)

All nationalities and enthusiastic actors welcome to audition.

Synopsis: Wax Cemetery is about a man telling the tale of Eira and her two companions Aurelia and Morwenna, who have lost themselves in a labyrinth of fog and are being hunted by the monster Mahrknight. However, there is more to the tale then their seems.

  • Listing date
  • 4¬†months Expired
  • United Arab Emirates Apply from location

Lead character

AURELIA- Character synopsis: Confident, the leader, not intimidated easily, needs to however also show fear when required.

MORWENNA- Character synopsis: Confident, snobbish, needs to however also show fear when required.

EIRA- Character synopsis: Afraid, childlike (she is like a child trusting strangers etc.), gullible, fragile, not confident, needs to however also show confidence when required.

MAHRKNIGHT- Character synopsis: Psychotic, cold, Friendly, Multiple personalities.

No additional requirements.

  • Both (from 18 to 28 years)
  • United Arab Emirates living in location