Building your portfolio? Join now and have your photos taken and be part of my project. Giving free photo shoot

Everyone is welcome!!! No Experience needed.

I am offering free photoshoots to talents who want to create and build their own portfolio. it will be in the next month and will provide copies of the photos to all talents that will be invited for the shoot. 

Shoot date: March (TBC)

Shoot location: Dubai

Note: This is an unpaid job!!!

  • Listing date
  • 2¬†weeks Expires in
  • United Arab Emirates Apply from location

Talents from all nationalities!!!

Talents from all nationalities!!!

Requirements: Ethnicity is Other, Middle Eastern, Latino, Indian, Filipino, Coloured, Caucasian, Asian, African.

  • Female (from 15 to 25 years)
  • United Arab Emirates living in location