Arabic Speaking Game Show Hosts needed for Online Game show in Ramadan

Want to get paid 30,000 AED???

This revolutionary broadcasting app is seeking Arabic speaking Males and Females to host a live interactive game show from the app! 

You should be between the ages of 20-40 years old; you are enthusiastic, quick thinking, confident and funny! We're ideally looking for Game Show Hosts that have a comedic background and are quickly able to improvise! 

The game show will be a Ramadan special, so we'll need you every day for about 20 minutes throughout The Holy Month. We're open to applicants based in The UAE, Lebanon or Egypt. 

We'll be paying the selected host 30,000 AED total for your involvement and the rights to use the footage taken on our app. 

Are you the perfect person for this project? Be sure you have some pictures and videos uploaded to your profile telling us why!  

  • Listing date
  • 10 months Expired
  • Worldwide Apply from location

Arabic speaking Males and Females - Ages 20-40 years

Arabic speaking Males and Females - Ages 20-40 years

No additional requirements.

  • Both (from 20 to 40 years)
  • Worldwide living in location
  • AED 30000 per project