Casting Calls and Auditions in Lebanon

Popular TV show in the region is seeking talents with a love of cars!

Males and Females Required

  • Arabic speaking Males and Females - Ages 20-40 years

    Both, 20-40 Years

Round 2 of Auditions are open for the BEN10 TV show! Do you have what it takes?

21 teams will be sent to Madrid, Spain for a 4 day shoot in August.

  • Children and Adults for International BEN10 TV Game Show

    Both, 8-80 Years

Be the star of this well known Cereal Brand's upcoming ad campaign!

Arabic looking females required

  • Arabic looking Females - Ages 25-40 years

    Female, 25-40 Years

URGENT! Popular car show in the region is seeking girls to take part in an thrilling segment!

All Nationalities Welcome!

  • Females of All Nationalities - Ages 20-35 years

    Female, 20-35 Years

World known chocolate brand is seeking multiple talents for an exciting campaign!

Arabic and Indian looking Male Talents required!

  • Arabic and South Asian looking Males - Ages 20-45 years

    Male, 20-45 Years

Talented girls and boys wanted for an exciting project!

Arabic Speaking Girls and Boys Needed

  • Arabic Speaking Boys - Ages 7-13 years

    Male, 7-13 Years
  • Arabic Speaking Girls - Ages 7-13 years

    Female, 7-13 Years

Telecom Giant is looking for Talents to for their newest campaign!

Have the chance to travel all the way to Cairo for the shoot!

  • Middle Eastern looking Males - Ages 20-30 years

    Male, 20-30 Years
  • Western looking Females - Ages 20-30 years

    Female, 20-30 Years
  • South Asian Looking Males - Ages 20-30 years

    Male, 20-30 Years

Multiple Arabic Speaking Cast Needed for Exciting Shoot in Turkey!

Male Talent young and old all wanted!

  • Arabic Speaking Boys - Ages 5-10 years

    Male, 5-10 Years
  • Arabic Speaking Males - Ages 25-50 years

    Male, 25-50 Years

Influencers and Interesting People Wanted For An Exclusive International App Launch

Males and Females of all ages and nationalities welcome!

  • People all ages and nationalities for an exclusive app launch!

    Both, 5-100 Years

Now Auditions are open for BEN10 TV Show seeking Participants.

21 Teams will be sent to Spain for a 3 day shoot in July

  • Children and Adults for International Ben10 TV Game Show

    Both, 8-80 Years