Casting Calls and Auditions in Lebanon

Let's make your day Brew-Tiful. World-famous coffee brand is shooting a new campaign and we're inviting everyone regardless of where you are right now to join us!!!!!!

No experience needed!!! Apply now!!!

  • Coffee Lovers

    Both, 18-65 Years
  • Fitness Enthusiasts

    Both, 18-65 Years
  • Foodies (cook enthusiasts)

    Both, 18-65 Years
  • Social Media Geeks

    Both, 18-65 Years

The World's famous milk brand is looking for real moms and kids to be part of a new campaign!!! Inviting all talents from all nationalities!!!

All nationalities are welcome to apply

  • Mothers from All Nationalities

    Female, 25-50 Years
  • Child talents from All nationalities

    Both, 1-9 Years

Looking for good looking female talents to join a video shoot for a Beauty Website. Mediterranean looking talents are invited to join.

Mediterranean looking talents are invited to apply!!!

  • Female Teen talents

    Female, 16-20 Years
  • Female adult talents

    Female, 21-40 Years

FREE PHOTOSHOOT!!! Inviting female talents who wants to create their portfolio for free, come and join us.

Open to All Nationalities, with or without experience!!!!

  • Female model looking talents

    Female, 20-35 Years

Inviting talents with extraordinary stories for a new tourism campaign. Casting all nationalities. Apply now!!

Join us now and share your extraordinary story!

  • Adult male talents (all nationalities)

    Male, 25-45 Years
  • Child talents (all nationalities)

    Both, 5-12 Years
  • Adult female talents (all nationalities) -

    Female, 25-40 Years

A car brand with a standard above everyone else is shooting a new commercial. Casting Mediterranean looking male talents. Apply now!!!

No experience needed, Apply now!!!

  • Mediterranean looking male talents

    Male, 25-35 Years

Show the world your cooking skills and be part of this once in a lifetime project!!! Shooting in Saudi Arabia. Inviting talented experienced chefs.

Join us now and apply for the job!!! Paying BIG!!!!

  • Middle Eastern looking Male chefs

    Male, 30-60 Years

Show your mad skills with your sandboard and motorbike as you dash through the sand of Saudi Arabia!!! Inviting Middle-Eastern looking talents!!!

Apply now and fly to Saudi Arabia!!! Project pays B-I-G!!!

  • Middle Eastern-looking male sandboarder/snowboarder

    Both, 20-40 Years
  • Middle-Eastern looking women desert motorbike riders

    Female, 20-40 Years

Talents with a Knack For Casting! The world's famous fried chicken chain is now shooting for a new commercial. Inviting Mediterranean male talents.

Apply Today and have your break!!!

  • Mediterranean-looking adult male talents

    Male, 20-30 Years

Talents with one of a kind skills are invited to join us in a new exciting campaign. Shooting in the land of hot sands!!! Paying Big

All Nationalities welcome to join!!!

  • Professional swimmers

    Both, 24-40 Years
  • Women Desert Motorbike riders

    Female, 20-40 Years
  • Horseback Riders

    Both, 20-40 Years
  • Sandboarder/Snowboarder

    Both, 20-40 Years