Casting Calls and Auditions in United States

Feature Film Requires Lead Female Actress

Fluent English-Speaking Passionate Actress Required

  • Feature Film Lead Role - Female Lead

    Female, 25-35 Years

World Famous Television Network Needs Young Middle Eastern Presenters For Kids Channel.

Males and females between 14-25 years

  • Middle Eastern Male and Females presenters between 14-25 years.

    Both, 14-25 Years

Curvy Female Models Wanted For A Fun Stills Campaign! Ongoing Job, Pays 1,200AED per day!

Apply Now !

  • Curvy Models | 18-30 years

    Female, 18-30 Years

Stock Photo and Video Shoot Requires confident Males and Females With Beautiful Smiles

All Nationalities Welcome!

  • Stock footage models

    Both, 10-85 Years

Local TV Channel Requires Passionate Experts And Models For Recurring Episodes!

How would you like to share your passion with the world AND get paid for ...

  • Skin Care Models (20-60 years)

    Female, 20-60 Years
  • Skin Care Experts

    Both, 20-55 Years
  • Fashion Experts

    Both, 20-55 Years
  • Female Fashion Models | 20-35 years

    Female, 20-35 Years
  • Home Interior Experts

    Both, 20-55 Years

Stock Image Company Needs Cast With Multiple Races For A Fun Shoot In Cape Town!

Shooting In April and March 2019

  • Adults | Male and Female | 20-50

    Both, 20-50 Years
  • Seniors | Male and Female | 50-80

    Both, 50-80 Years
  • Children and Teenagers | 5- 19

    Both, 5-18 Years
  • Babies/Toddlers | Boys and Girls

    Both, 0-4 Years

Casting extras for a YouTube movie

We're looking for actors for our YouTube Movie

  • Extra in a party scene

    Both, 16-19 Years
  • Crossing the street (EXTRA)

    Female, 70-100 Years

Mediterranean Looking Talents Needed For Upcoming Thriller Short Film!

Apply Now For A Chance To Gain Some Awesome Showreel Footage

  • Mediterranean Looking Female (Lead Role) 25- 35 years

    Female, 25-35 Years
  • Mediterranean Looking Female (Supporting Role) 45- 60 years

    Female, 45-60 Years
  • Mediterranean Looking Males (Supporting Roles) 25- 35 years

    Male, 25-35 Years
  • Middle Eastern Male 27-40

    Male, 27-39 Years

Sotho Speaking Talent Needed For A Feature Film!- Will Premiere At The Venice International Film Festival!

Experienced and Non-Experienced Actors Needed!

  • Lead and Supporting Roles | African | Males and Females | 30-70 years

    Both, 30-75 Years

How Would You Like To Spend The Day In Hatta? A Unique Student Short Film Requires Confident Swimmers!

Apply Now !

  • Adults, Male and Female, 20-30 years

    Both, 20-30 Years