Casting talents who love a challenge and never lost a game at Truth or Dare for an Online Challenge Contest. For our 2nd Offline test Pilot and if you have what it takes you can win up to $10,000!

All nationalities welcome. Unique opportunity!

We are a company based in UK and we are looking for people to join us for an online show.

This casting selects 10 participants for a non-recorded and non-published pilot test. The selection and the game will be performed online in video-call. Paper notes will be taken by the producers for the purpose of improving the game

During the truth and dare online contest 10 contenders - 5 girls and 5 boys - will play online submitting in turns a dare and a truth of their invention, which will go into a virtual basket. Taking turns the contenders will all be assigned a random truth or dare from the one they have created and they will have to immediately do from their room what is written or face elimination. Participants should, therefore, be very careful about what they write, as it may happen to them! The remaining person when everybody else is out is the winner. 

Selected participants will be paid 100$ for the day just to participate in this test, while the final Winner will get 10.000$

Rules for the truth and dares allowed are simply that nothing dangerous, harmful, illegal, and with permanent consequences is allowed. Also, disgusting dares are not allowed, especially involving eating or drinking. Any truth and dares has to be measurable, feasible from the room and performed alone, without involving exponential people. Everything else is fair game. Warning: embarrassing nudity dare are allowed and may happen if you or some other participant submits it

We are therefore looking for very daring, creative, confident contenders, not shy or afraid to tell very intimate o crazy truth, able to discuss sexual topics,  perform also the craziest/embarrassing dares.

Please note that embarrassing sexual topics and embarrassing nudity dares are allowed and you should not apply if this makes you uncomfortable.

  • Listing date
  • 2 months Expired
  • Worldwide Apply from location

Participant - online pilot test

We are looking for very confident, competitive and truth or dare passionate contenders, ready to do whatever it takes to win

Requirements: Ethnicity is Other, Middle Eastern, Latino, Indian, Filipino, Coloured, Caucasian, Asian, African.

  • Both (from 18 to 45 years)
  • Worldwide living in location
  • EUR 100 per project