How do I apply for roles?

On you will find a variety of entertainment related jobs, projects and productions that you can apply for. To apply for the roles, there is different requirements that you will need to make sure you cover.

On each job page, you will find different roles below the general description that you can apply for. For each role, the Producer/Casting Professional will set criteria that has to match your profile, such as Gender, Age and Requirements (photos, videos, audio). If the role is only for Females, obviously Males will not be able to apply for this specific role and vice versa.

If you just signed up for, you will need to make sure you have completed your profile with all details and added pictures and a great headshot. Need help adding a headshot? - as minimum you should have a headshot and 3 clear photos in your portfolio. To add photos in your portfolio, visit Upload photos.

Some roles, will require a video in your portfolio, to add a video visit Upload Video or for Audio visit Upload Audio.

Remember :

  • Usually the better your profile is, the more opportunities you will get
  • A casting professional reviews 100s of applicants, so if you don’t stand out, you might loose opportunities
  • Avoid selfies, blurry photos, pictures with other people or from your night out at the club
  • It’s not about looking cool, it’s about matching a role in a production

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