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Getting Started

You just created a profile on and you are now ready to land your first role with us, how cool ! To get started, you will need to know a few things, so read on.


Applying for roles is the easy part, everyone can do that,- getting selected for roles however requires a little more. To increase your chances of getting into casting calls and landing roles, you will need to think about:

- Your Headshot

Uploading a headshot can be done from your dashboard once you are logged in, the headshot is the best marketing tool you have, so make sure it’s nothing but great!

- Your Profile Look

When you apply for roles, the casting professional who posted the job, will receive your headshot and a link to your profile. When they select who to invite for auditions and casting calls, they will look at your profile and determine if it fits the character they need to make the production work. If you are a European male without beard applying for roles that requires ‘Arabic looking male with beard’ it’s wasting your time and the casting professionals time if you don’t match these requirements as you will most likely not have a chance unless you match this look.

So first things first, make sure your profile has photos that shows how great you will be for this specific role.

Once you apply for roles

You now applied for your first job and you are waiting to hear back from the casting professional if you are selected or not. Spend this time wisely, read our blog for material if you have never done a casting before and if you already know what you want to achieve, perhaps you could read some of our tips:

- Headshot advise

- Nailing the audition

- Getting started in Acting

- Starting out as a Model in UAE

The waiting game

You didn’t hear back yet from the application you sent, so it’s time to tweak a little. Run over the requirements again and modify your profile a little - or look for other casting calls that might fit your profile better.

How does it work?

Once you hit the ‘Apply’ button on a role, our system automatically sends your contact details and profile link with your headshot to the casting professional. He has an overview of all the applicants and quickly go through the headshots to find those that could fit the requirements for the role. After selecting who works and who doesn’t work, he usually invites you for a casting call if you are selected. This is the first step in any production. At the casting call, you will be asked a few questions while he records you on video and sometimes they even ask you do act, sing, dance or anything else that will help him make a call if you fit or not.

You can always increase your chances by:

- Adding a video or showreel to your profile

- Adding a short audio clip so the casting professional can hear your voice

- Upgrading your account to Premium so you will be highlighted in the applicant list

After the casting call / audition / interview, the producer and the client will select who fits best and call you, if selected, to give you all details about the production, which dates you are required and what rate it pays.

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