How do I get to the first page in Talent Database?

Although we can’t and won’t disclose the entire algorithm that sorts the Talent Database, we decided to share a few pointers, tips and tricks to what will impact your ranking in the Talent Database. Even for a brand new user, it is actually possible within a week to be on the front page. Of course this requires you do everything correct.

Our Talent Database is updated 4 times pr day, so if you make changes and nothing happened to your position, don’t worry. Check back later and you should notice if you have made great improvements.

Increases position

The amount of pictures on your profile, and the Quality of pictures has a great impact on your position in the Talent Database.

The amount of videos on your profile, and the Quality of the videos has a great impact on your position in the Talent Database.

Audio files
The amount of audio you upload, depending on quality, has up to 3 times as much value as pictures and video and impacts your position greatly.

How active you are
We also monitor how active you are, how much you apply, how many times you visit pr week and how often you update your profile with new media.

Short listings
Short listings can really boost your position. This means it’s not about how many roles you apply for, but how many times you are actually short listed for audition.

Which roles you apply for
Applying for certain roles, can increase your position in the Talent Database. At the current moment, we can’t give more information on this, but it has an impact.

Which member type you have
Yes, Premium members does have slight advantage and will receive an increase in position in our Talent Database. This does however not mean, you can’t reach first page as a Basic member.

Decreases position

Bad quality pictures
If your pictures are bad quality, out of focus or irrelevant for professional use, your position can drop significantly. We want to show companies we have professional talents.

Bad quality videos
If your videos are bad qualit, does not show your role clearly or if they are irrelevant, your position can drop significantly. We want to make it easy for a casting agent to find information.

Bad quality audio
If your audio files are low quality or if it is impossible to figure out which is your voice, your position can drop significantly. We screen them to ensure the best quality and experience.

How active you are
If we don’t see you every now and then, your position will drop. This doesn’t have to be daily or even weekly. But if months go by without activity your profile will be marked inactive and the position will drastically decrease.

If you get short listed, but do not show up for the audition or casting, we receive automatic feedback from clients. This feedback is gathered every week and also have a negative impact on your position. Don’t make that mistake. Only apply if you know you can go for the audition in case you are short listed.

Which roles you apply for
If you apply for roles, that doesn’t match your profile, this can negatively impact your position. We receive feedback from companies if they find your profile a bad match or irrelevant for a role. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you will loose position by applying without being short listed. It just means you should not apply for ‘European Experienced Actor’ if you are an Arab Bellydancer without acting experience.

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